Martina Taranto

Viral Nature

A composite material, fertile and able to host life made to grow into living botanical sculptures. #Nature’s Economies

Ruins are our human legacy.

The way we make things supports a linear conception of time and life. Nature’s artefacts though, never become ruins or waste. A tree trunk can outlive the tree, and a shell exists longer than its inhabitant, but differently from human artefacts, natural ones – after a stage of decadence – are able to become something else, useful again, for everything around. Nature’s creations are always new, and are able to preserve its essence in a circular paradigm of life.

Viral Nature proposes a composite material, 84% organic, able to host life. Fertile and easy to shape, the mix can be employed to cast complex structures made to grow into living botanical sculptures. The material, embedded with plant seeds, allows the process of vegetal growth and it’s highly adaptable to each geographical zone.

We must stop thinking as users and reimagine ourselves as catalytic participants in the natural processes of our world. We need to learn to consider nature as an equal organism to build a dialogue with, break the unreasonable wall that distinguishes human from natural processes, rediscover our understanding of wilderness, de-touch from our-domesticated-selves. To do that is possible only if we come back to experience life among nature.

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Martina Taranto is an artist, designer and innovator with an interest in futures built on synergies. Her practice is devoted to the achievement of social and natural justice. She approaches design in a holistic way, from energy engineering to product design, towards the necessity to find a compromise and a fluid dialogue between knowledge, humanity and the environment.