Boey Wang

Immeasurable Range

Hacking measuring tools to reinterpret measurement from a subjective perspective. #Re-designing Infrastructures

Humans have always relied on tools to enforce knowledge and shape surroundings. Measurements function as the fundamental standardizing concept of human production and life in terms of uniformity and efficiency. However, this useful and powerful unification can also feel as a prison, a rigid mindset, that privileges rational rules and hardly allows for imagination and feeling.

By stretching the law of physics, Boey Wang hacked four measuring tools aiming to reinterpret measurement from a subjective perspective. He produced a film as well, in which four personal stories picture the gap between what the measuring tools tell us and how we actually feel. His project questions our rigid understanding of space and encourages us to embrace the fluidity of the world.

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Boey Wang is a designer exploring the possibility of shifting perception and attitude as an alternative methodology of solving challenging problems.