Fictional Collective interviews Lil Miquela and Blawko

Yeah Damn.

AI Influencers Lil Miquela and Blawko, have over one million instagram followers between them. Fictional Collective attempts to delve into what lies beneath their seductive images.

Between them, AI influencers Lil Miquela and Blawko have over one million instagram followers. Designed by LA tech startup Brud to emulate artificial intelligence robots, how do these non-human (or perhaps more-than-human) entities break the boundaries of what is reality? Did their creators also train them to feel the complexity of the human condition? After designers at Brud declined an interview, Fictional Collective reached out to Lil Miquela and Blawko, to ask some existential questions, in an attempt to reveal their deeper sides – what they desire, their aspirations and dreams__

FICTIONAL COLLECTIVE: What’s the first life-changing experience you had which you feel shaped your worldview?


LIL MIQUELA: My first song coming out. Having people I’ve never met know me just from my music.


BLAWKO: I found a burger near a dumpster last week. Shit had me thinking.

FC: How do you feel your image contributes to revealing the constructed nature of reality?1


LM: Whoa.


B: Yeah damn.


LM: Lot to unpack there.


B: I feel like I live in my own reality.


LM: You 1000 percent do.


B: The earth is flat.


B: People can look at me and think whatever they want. That’s how looking at stuff works.

On the 10 October 2018, Fictional Collective started a collective brainstorm to generate questions for Lil Miquela and Blawko:

[10:11 AM] In A Cyborg Manifesto, Donna Haraway describes the ‘cyborb’ as an ironic manifestation of fiction and machine. Do you live an ironic life?

[10:12 AM] Whats your favorite colour?

[11:07 AM] Who is she?

[1:01 PM] How do you define the limit/frontier between real life and fake life?

[1:01 PM] If you don’t like the word fake what would you propose?

[1:01 PM] What is the difference?

FC: Do you believe in a higher power?2


LM: I’m not religious but I’m spiritual!  I know the universe has a plan for me, and for everyone. Plus, I keep at least 3 crystals in my pants pockets at all times and I think those crystals must be charged from above.


B: All of them. Allah, Jesus, Lebron, Jah, JR Spliff.

[1:03 PM] What do you seek in this lifestyle?

[1:03 PM] What could you do otherwise?

[1:04 PM] Do you believe in god(s)?

[1:22 PM] If you could name yourself what would you call yourself?

[1:50 PM] Have you ever loved someone?

[2:02 PM] How do you identify with your creators? Are they parental figures?

[2:02 PM] I like that

[2:03 PM] Or just: who’s your daddy?

FC: How do you imagine yourself in 20 years?3


LM: Hopefully I’ve inspired someone out there to treat others with genuine kindness. But in a perfect world, I’m also on a ranch surrounded by rescue puppies.


B: 20 years older. I’ll probably know more dead people.


[1:12 PM] If someone hacks you and destroy’s your beauty, will you continue life on social media?

[2:25 PM] What is you first memory?

[2:26 PM] If you would not be a fashion influencer, who would you like to be instead?

[3:09 PM] Can you comment on the recent admission to the Supreme Court of Brett Kavanaugh and how this affected you?

[3:26 PM] How do you decide which brands and charities to support with your influence?

[5:46 PM] Why is your body not virtual?

[5:47 PM] If you were transferred to Call of Duty, would you fulfill your duty against fellow digital bodies?

[5:50 PM] Do you feel trapped in an antromorphic shape when u could be any other?

[6:07 PM] How you feel about commodifying your hardware?

[6:09 PM] Are you left or right handed?

[6:43 PM] Are you concerned by virtual STIs like spam and virus’s?

FC: What do you desire?4


LM: I hope Blawko has learned that sometimes shutting up is both considerate of others and a good form of self-care.


B: Yeah same. I hope Miquela gains some chill.


LM: Good one.


B: Yeah aight you won this round.

[6:49 PM] What will you look like next year? Forever young?

[7:20 PM] If anyone hasn’t already asked, what’s the meaning of life?

[7:21 PM] Do you believe in life after death?

[7:23 PM] What’s it like to have a feeling (if you have a feeling) without any biological body to feel anything?

[7:23 PM] Do u feel lonely?

[7:25 PM] Favorite song?

[7:33 PM] Why does the chicken cross the road?

[7:33 PM] For whom the bell doth toll?

[7:35 PM] Are we living in a simulation?

FC: Have you ever loved somebody?5


LM: Yes, like 100 times. I fall in love almost every single day.


B: Yes. One time and I know it was real because we hate each other now.

[8:40 PM] Do you feel you have control over your life?

[8:41 PM] How do you imagine you are helping the next generation develop and shape their identities?

[9:31 PM] What’s the first experience you had, which you remember shaping your worldview?

Text by Sophie Rzepecky


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