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FICTIONAL JOURNAL is an platform and an online publication investigating design’s involvement within society. Triggered by fascinations and questions on urgent political, social and economic happenings, Fictional Journal opens up issues for debate, action and imagining. Through open calls and commissions designers are invited to respond with a variety of voices and mediums, from objects to fictions, interfaces to films, and from practical designs to speculative proposals and interventions.

Moving between digital and physical formats, the journal experiments with ways of triggering and sharing a multitude of responses, acknowledging design’s fluid presence within everyday life while extending critical perspectives on its practice.

Fictional Journal is published by Fictional Collective.

FICTIONAL COLLECTIVE is a community of designers, architects, writers, curators and researchers producing exhibitions, interventions and design-oriented publications. ‪The collective is a content-based platform for collaborations and dialogues around design and design practice.‬

Fictional Collective represents a wide variety of cultural and geographical backgrounds from Australia to Mexico, from Thailand to Italy and from Israel to Finland. This enables access to cultural references and to a wide perspective of societal issues in both research and design proposals. Founded in 2014, Fictional Collective grew from the Master departments of Design Academy Eindhoven.

The Collective
Gabriela Baka, Aya Bentur, Aldo Cancino, Elsa Carenzo, Saemi Choi, Raphaël Coutin, Ines Fiegert, Zeno Franchini, Evan Frenkel, Corradino Garofalo, Lorenzo Gerbi, Lodovica Guarnieri, Heini Lehtinen, Gabriel Maher, Silvia Neretti, Scott Newland, Teresa Palmieri, Sophie Rzepecky, Stanley Sagart, Veronica De Salvo , Jessica Smarsch, Julia Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Joan Vellvé Rafecas, Bili Regev, Wei Lun Wang, Penny Webb, Nanu Youttananukorn